Most memorable race: Redlands 2012

Best team moment: 2012 Valley of the Sun Crit lead-out!!!!

Off-the-bike hobbies: Yoga, the Internet

Favorite way to consume Cold Beverages: Frozen into ice cubes

What got me into cycling: Running injuries

Top lifetime accomplishments: Keeping my cool in a coup d'etat. I'll tell you the story on a long ride sometime.

Where I grew up: East Bay

What got me into racing: Wanting to be badass

Number of years with the team: Fourth year

Favorite ride: Copper Triangle

Music that gets me going before a race: Royksopp, Morgan Page, Kaskade

My cycling hero(s): Alex Yeh

Favorite post-race food: burritos, cake, beer

Words to live by: A VO2 max workout is like grad school; if you don't seriously consider quitting, you aren't doing it right.

Day job: PRO grad student

Race Results

DateRaceRace CategoryPlacing


09/22/13 Oakland Grand Prix W1-3 dnf
07/21/13 Berkeley Bicycle Club Crit W1/2 8th
07/14/13 Foothill College CR W1/2 6th
07/13/13 Watsonville Crit W1-4 2nd
07/04/13 Fourth of July Crit W1-3 dnf
06/12/13 Nature Valley Grand Prix TT W1/2 41st
05/26/13 Mount Hamilton RR W1-3 dnf
05/19/13 Mariposa County Women's SR *GC* W1/2 5th
05/19/13 Mariposa - Bootjack RR W1/2 5th
05/18/13 Mariposa - Groveland Hillclimb W1/2 4th
05/18/13 Mariposa - Greeley Hill RR W1/2 6th
05/17/13 Mariposa - Basso Bridge TT W1/2 2nd
05/11/13 Devil's Punchbowl RR W1-3 9th
05/04/13 Cat's Hill Classic W1-3 10th
04/27/13 Wente Vineyards RR W1/2 dnf
04/14/13 Chico - Steve Harrison Memorial Crit W1/2 3rd
04/14/13 Chico - River Road TT W1/2 7th
04/14/13 Chico SR *GC* W1/2 1st
04/13/13 Chico - Paskenta Hills RR W1/2 1st
04/07/13 Topsport SR *GC* W1/2 2nd
04/07/13 Topsport - Rock Creek TT W1/2 4th
04/07/13 Topsport - Copper Town CR W1/2 2nd
04/06/13 Topsport - Woodward Reservoir RR W1/2 2nd
03/09/13 Madera Crit W1/2 dnf
03/03/13 Merco Cycling Classic SR *GC* W1-3 34th
03/03/13 Merco Classic: Almond Blossom RR W1-3 32nd
03/02/13 Merco Classic: Downtown Grand Prix W1-3 43rd
03/01/13 Merco Classic: ITT W1-3 27th
02/28/13 Merco Classic: MID RR W1-3 41st
02/17/13 Valley of the Sun *GC* W1/2 9th
02/17/13 Valley of the Sun - Crit W1/2 2nd
02/16/13 Valley of the Sun - RR W1/2 13th
02/15/13 Valley of the Sun - TT W1/2 9th
02/11/13 Roger Millikan Memorial Crit W1-3 13th
02/02/13 Boulevard RR W1-3 16th


09/03/12 Giro di San Francisco W1-3 18th
08/22/12 Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge W1/2 43rd
08/05/12 Mike Nields Crit W1-3 25th
08/04/12 Lookout Mountain HC W1/2 8th
07/29/12 Colorado State RR Championship W1/2 14th
07/22/12 Ontario Grand Prix 5 W1-3 10th
07/15/12 Lodi Cyclefest Crit W1-3 10th
07/07/12 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix W1-3 dnf
07/01/12 Foothill College CR W1/2 5th
06/30/12 Leesville Gap RR W1-3 6th
06/23/12 Pescadero Coastal Classic W1/2 7th
06/03/12 SCNCA District Championship RR W1-3 13th
04/28/12 Devil's Punchbowl RR W1-3 10th
04/22/12 LA Circuit Race W1-3 18th
04/21/12 Vlees Huis Ronde RR W1-3 6th
04/15/12 Chico - Steve Harrison Memorial Crit W1/2 2nd
04/15/12 Chico - River Road TT W1/2 10th
04/15/12 Chico *SR* W1/2 6th
04/14/12 Chico - Paskenta Hills Road Race W1/2 8th
03/25/12 Redlands Bicycle Classic *GC* W1/2 53rd
03/25/12 Redlands - Sunset Road Race W1/2 52nd
03/24/12 Redlands - City of Redlands Criterium W1/2 59th
03/23/12 Redlands - City of Beaumont Road Race W1/2 52nd
03/22/12 Redlands - Sun Time Trial Prologue W1/2 72nd
03/11/12 Madera Daulton RR W1/2 dnf
03/11/12 Madera *GC* W1/2 15th
03/10/12 Madera Crit W1/2 14th
03/10/12 Madera Sharon TT W1/2 11th
03/03/12 Merco Classic: Foothills RR W1-3 33rd
03/03/12 Merco Classic: Downtown Grand Prix W1-3 35th
02/25/12 Snelling RR W1/2 23rd
02/19/12 SoCal Cup Crit Series 2 W1-3 22nd
02/12/12 Valley of the Sun - Crit W1/2 10th
02/12/12 Valley of the Sun *GC* W1/2 22nd
02/11/12 Valley of the Sun - RR W1/2 28th
02/10/12 Valley of the Sun - TT W1/2 23rd
02/05/12 Red Trolley Classic Crit W1-3 11th
01/28/12 Mothballs Crit W1-3 4th
01/27/12 Poor College Kids RR W1-3 15th


08/13/11 Dunnigan Hills RR W1-3 19th
08/07/11 Brentwood Grand Prix W3/4 dnf
08/07/11 Brentwood Grand Prix W1-3 19th
07/31/11 Torrance Crit W1-3 8th
07/31/11 Torrance Crit W3/4 1st
07/24/11 San Marcos CR W3/4 9th
07/23/11 Sisquoc RR W3/4 2nd
07/17/11 Berkeley Bike Club Crit W3 3rd
07/16/11 Colavita Grand Prix W3 3rd
07/16/11 Colavita Grand Prix W1-3 9th
07/10/11 Lodi Cycle Fest W1-3 15th
07/10/11 Lodi Cycle Fest W3/4 2nd
07/04/11 Davis Fourth of July Crit W3/4 14th
07/04/11 Davis Fourth of July Crit W1-3 20th
07/03/11 Big Creek Crit 3 10th
07/03/11 Big Creek Crit W1-3 2nd
07/02/11 Leesville Gap RR W1-3 13th
06/26/11 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix W1-3 12th
06/19/11 San Pedro Grand Prix W3/4 3rd
06/18/11 Pescadero Coastal Classic W3/4 12th
06/12/11 Ontario Airport Crit W1-3 10th
06/05/11 Golden Empire Classic W3 10th
05/29/11 Barry Wolfe Grand Prix W3/4 12th
05/15/11 Modesto RR 4 dnf
05/14/11 Mike's Bikes Cat's Hill Classic W3 14th
05/07/11 Barrio Logan Grand Prix W3 6th


08/08/10 Patterson Pass RR W4 10th
07/31/10 Copper Town Square Circuit Race W4 dnf

Race Reports

RaceTitleRace Category
Pescadero Coastal Classic How to Have Fun Racing Your Bike W1/2