race results

1stAllie Bollella
Red Kite Omnium Event #4 - Red Kite Criterium (April)
2ndRikke Jeppesen
Central Coast Road Series #2
4thLaurie Furman
Central Coast Road Series #2
1stNicole Olson
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
2ndAnn Stuart
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
3rdSandra King
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
3rdMarissa Axell
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
4thElisabeth Johnson
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
4thNicole Slaton
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
5thTiina Aardemae
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
5thAllie Bollella
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
5thStephanie Hines
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
6thJune Nguyen
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
6thKerry Stivaletti
Topsport Stage Race *GC*
7thNitzel Hagan
Topsport Stage Race *GC*

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Chico Stage Race Report

By Leah Thomas -- Chico Stage Race *GC* (W2) -- 03/01/15

Metromint goes to Mexico

Feb 27 - Molly Van Houweling gets into hot water--and into the record books again--in Aguascalientes

Breaking the National Hour Record

Dec 16 - Molly Van Houweling reports on making the record books

Breaking the National Hour Record

By Molly Van Houweling -- Molly's Hour (W1) -- 12/14/14
Molly Van Houweling reports on making the record books

Metromint Giro di San Francisco - Labor Day Racing!!!

Aug 30 - Come and join the fun at the 40th Annual Metromint Giro di San Francisco!

Great race!

By Jennie Stark -- Snelling RR (W4) -- 02/22/14
First race of the year, and I am really happy with the results. Finished 16/47, top third!

Giro di San Francisco!

Aug 24 - The 39th annual Metromint Giro di San Francisco is coming up this Labor Day! Once again, the streets of San Francisco will be full of fast, fit and colorful cyclists, all with hopes of earning the top spot on the podium.

Cascade 3/4 Race report

By Michael Miller -- Cascade Classic SR *GC* (3) -- 07/21/13