race results

2ndMike Betley
Red Kite Crit
4thNitzel Hagan
Red Kite Crit
5thRikke Jeppesen
Red Kite Crit
8thRicardo Moran
Red Kite Crit
9thJennie Stark
Red Kite Crit
5thNicole Olson
University RR
3rdJune Nguyen
San Ardo RR
6thYuko Soneoka
San Ardo RR
10thMike Betley
San Ardo RR
2ndMike Betley
Suisun Harbor Crit
4thMary-Ellen Ash
Suisun Harbor Crit
1stRikke Jeppesen
Dunnigan Hills RR
1stStephanie Hines
Dunnigan Hills RR
2ndTiina Aardemae
Dunnigan Hills RR
3rdNitzel Hagan
Dunnigan Hills RR

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Great race!

By Jennie Stark -- Snelling RR (W4) -- 02/22/14
First race of the year, and I am really happy with the results. Finished 16/47, top third!

Giro di San Francisco!

Aug 24 - The 39th annual Metromint Giro di San Francisco is coming up this Labor Day! Once again, the streets of San Francisco will be full of fast, fit and colorful cyclists, all with hopes of earning the top spot on the podium.

Cascade 3/4 Race report

By Michael Miller -- Cascade Classic SR *GC* (3) -- 07/21/13

Fourth TT is a charm

By Lina Martensson -- Memorial Day Crit (W1/2) -- 05/27/13

Better Know a Dot: Julie Bellerose

May 6 - Navigate Saturn. Pilot an airplane. Race Cat's Hill. That was Julie Bellerose's weekend. How was yours?

Better Know a Dot: Ricardo Moran

Mar 11 - Meet newly "minted" cat. 2 Ricardo Moran!

Stars, Stripes, and Bears! Oh My!

Feb 23 - 2012 Season Wrap-Up

Early Bird Crit #2

By Ryan Fleming -- Early Bird Crit #2 (5) -- 01/13/13