Metromint Cycling values the Esprit de Corps (ess-pree d'kor) [n : the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed] of its members.

Each month the team recognizes individuals who volunteer their efforts to help their teammates, contribute to the team's operations, or otherwise benefit the cycling community.

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2010 Award Recipients


Nicole Slaton

The last winner of the Esprit de Corps award for the 2010 season is: Nicole Slaton. It may be a little late, but she was no less deserving. Nicole has just completed her first year on the team and it was highly successful. You wouldn't know it by her understated positive attitude, but she tore threw the Cat 4 scene with 4 wins and more podiums that you can count on her way to upgrading to Cat 3. She has also given back to the team by being a great teammate. Whether it's been putting in time recruiting or organizing meetings for the woman's squad at her house, Nicole has been a great addition to the team.


Rae Brownsberger

We?re pleased to announce that Rae Brownsberger is the Esprit de Corps winner for July. It should come as no surprise that anyone who coordinates the Giro is going to win the Esprit de Corps. The details involved with planning the Giro are daunting, but Rae (and Lisa) put on a Giro that not only met, but exceeded the high standards for which the Giro is known. The team was also very appreciative of the color coded spreadsheets! The Giro, however, is not the only reason why Rae is the Esprit de Corps recipient. She is also being recognized for her Snelling planning, which included some complex carpooling coordination. Thank you Rae for all your hard work!


Molly Van Houweling

Molly is the Esprit de Corps winner for June. It's not everyday you get to be on a team with someone who has been on the podium at the world championships and wins time trails like Mark Cavendish wins bunch sprints. But the racing palmares we all wish we had isn't the reason why Molly is the winner of the June Esprit de Corps. It's her leadership qualities. As the team captain, she organizes pre-race meetings, post-race lunches, and rallies the troops for races. Molly is also the team mixologist, which we all appreciate, and always nominates someone for Esprit de Corps, which the author is thankful for! Thank you, Molly!


Kalani Hines

The winner of May?s Esprit de Corps award is Kalani Hines. It?s well know that Kalani sends more emails to the Metromint Group than anyone else, but that?s because he is always trying to get people to go out and race or head out to the track. As Keeper of the Car, he is great at filling up Ella with teammates and showing her off at races. Kalani has an enthusiasm for the sport (and life) that is quite literally contagious. He nearly had Cedric convinced that they would get on Chad Gerlach's wheel at the Harvest Moon Crit and go for the win! Chad registered, but was a no-show so we'll never know. Anyway, congratulations Kalani.


Johannes Kratz

Lisa Tepper

Stage racing is a lot of fun when you have teammates to race with. It?s also a great time to bond with teammates as there is plenty of time to kill outside of racing. So, that?s why the winners of April?s Esprit de Corps award goes to Johannes Kratz and Lisa Tepper. Johannes drummed up support for the Topsport Stage Race in Copperopolis and organized team logistics for the 10 teammates who participated. This must have been a sign of things to come because Johannes has now stepped up and become a board member! Lisa was instrumental in organizing the team logistics for the 23 teammates who raced at the Madera Stage Race. If she wasn't deserving enough, she has also been mentoring the new Cat 4s on the women's squad.


John Cheetham

The winner of March's Esprit de Corps award is John Cheetham. Johnny does just about everything you can think of for the team. He organized a highly successful team camp for the second year in a row, which alone deserves an award. He played super domestique for Mark, which lead to Mark's successful Cat. 2 upgrade, and he's frequently first at a race so he can claim the prime warm-up/viewing/hangout spot on the course. This isn't Johnny's first Esprit de Corps award and definitely not his last.


Mitch Trux

Mitch Trux is the recipient of February?s Esprit de Corps award. Mitch marked his return to the team by organizing a fantastic men?s camp in beautiful Calistoga. The riding was awesome and came with bonus topo maps which helped the squad members sort out the appropriateness of the various rides on offer. Mitch must have sprinkled some of his magic dust on the roads because there was not a single flat at camp. Or maybe it was all the new tires? The accommodations were comfy, the food was yummy (who grinds their own flour?!), and the wine flowed freely. It was a great way to mark his return to Metromint.


Lina Martensson

Anny Henry

Lina Martensson and Anny Henry are the recipients of January?s Esprit de Corps award. Lina and Anny put on an amazing women?s camp in charming Felton, a small town in the Santa Cruz mountains. The new location required finding suitable rides and they did not disappoint. The routes were set up so the entire squad rode together for the first part after which small groups splintered off to ride the desired distances. They also planned meals both nights for the squad. On top of it all, Lina and Anny had great attendance at camp with most of the women?s squad present. Pictionary and cocktails courtesy of Molly featured in a camp that will surely lead the women?s squad to a successful season.